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    Corsia del giardino

    The imagined garden in the heart of Milan, an oasis of tranquility, elegant, and a beautiful location.

In the heart

of Milano

Corsia del Giardino was in fact named after Via Manzoni itself, the ancient street being called “corsia del giardino” in neoclassical times because of the many gardens accompanying the historic buildings there. As a matter of fact, it is the garden of Poldi Pezzoli Museum that frames the bistrot Corsia del Giardino.

return to tradition

Our menu

The kitchen has a return to tradition, to the quality of traditional flavors; it implies a return to those ancient flavors and scents that have been forgotten and genuine home grown products. The menu is inspired by the season and by the creativity of the chef and features daily variations. No strange combinations, no "futuristic" cooking, no exotic ingredients. This is a return to tradition, to what we have always known, to simplicity.

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Special Occasion


Make the most of your next special event by booking at our bistrot. Our team takes care of the details while you take time to celebrate

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